Bravo has been a dance educator for over 30 years. She has conducted movement programs at the University of Texas at Austin School of Opera and Department of Theatre and Dance, Austin Community College, St. Edward’s University, St. Andrew’s Episcopalian High School and Johnston High School in Austin. She designed and taught the dance program at St. Michael’s Academy for 12 years.

Article in Valencia, Spain publication about Leaps & No Bounds Program

Article in Valencia, Spain publication about Leaps & No Bounds Program

Leaps and no Bounds Program (LANB)

The Leaps and No Bounds Program is a Dance in Education program developed by Toni Bravo that is available to plug into school systems of any format.

LANB reaches children in six distinct ways:

  • Demonstrating that learning is possible in many different modalities, providing students with an experiential form of learning and acquiring of higher thinking skills

  • Experiencing learning through creative movement and expression demonstrates to the students that their physical and mental abilities are vast and interconnected

  • Providing inherent health benefits through content-based physical activity

  • Integrating core curriculum through different learning methods

  • Exposing students to diverse rhythms and cultures from around the world in order to learn about different customs

  • Improving and strengthening interpersonal skills by providing students with a joyful form of non-competitive play and interaction